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Please Log on to our Face Book  " Zion Hope Mbc" so that we can Bless you with the word of God. If you would like to recieve any sermon in its entirety we are accepting donations of 10 or more Dollars to help cover shiping and handling cost. We can also send it via email. 

Click on this cross to take you to our FaceBook

 Click on this cross to make your Sacrificial Offering  ( Donation) - Feel Free to Give as the Lord Leads You. 

Our prayer " Dear Heavenly Father we ask that you Bless This Giver of offering 1000 x. We know that it is very seldom that your people would trust enough in you and know that it is you whom they serve by giving to support thy kingdom. So we thank you Lord for this saint who is willing to take this chance.    Amen"  

The Donations that you make will be used to support this Multiedia Ministry and for needed improvements for the Church.